Central amphitheater area - Campus 1


It is the ideal choice since it is one of the largest amphitheaters in Attica with 455 seats capacity
with the finest electronic media: Projector, projection screen, microphone installation, internet.

Central amphitheater opens directly onto the conference centres foyer
and it is ideal for large sessions, as well as more complex live events.

An architectural and functional adequacy jewel, in a pleasant and friendly environment.
The quality of the infrastructure and the integrity of the facilities are a guarantee of quality.


  • Central Amphitheater Hall - Campuses 1&2
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  • Ergonomic seats.
  • Automatic lighting system.
  • Accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Central scene of 55 m2.
  • Central Heating-Air Conditioning management system (BMS).
Hall's DimensionsArea (m2) = 455
Capacity344 Seats